Ballast Nedam Special Earthworks


Our core activities still show our origins: realizing construction pits. Thanks to many years of improvement and innovation, Ballast Nedam Special Earthworks (BNSG) now, however, does a lot more. The company acts as an expert partner in the preparation, implementation and aftercare of a range of soil-related projects. The combination of manpower, modern equipment and many years of experience gives us an extremely strong trump card on the national and international market. Where quality, risk control, service and safety are the most important principles.
Ballast Nedam Special Earthworks operates in the following areas:

  • Construction pits;
  • Excavations;
  • Coastal and shore works;
  • Environmental technology.
Construction pits

Prior to the building of a building or the installation of infrastructure, soil must be excavated in preparation for the foundations, basements, tunnels and/or sewer systems. If an excavation must also ensure reinforced earth and, moreover, be soil tight and watertight, we are talking of a construction pit. This is especially the case when working near roads, railway sections or existing buildings. 

A construction pit is a temporary or permanent structure that will ensure you can build underground. A structure because excavating soil requires more than just the deployment of an excavator. Factors such as horizontal and vertical pressure, groundwater drainage, installing sealing layers with screen frames and sheet piling anchorage require specialist knowledge and skills. BNSG is the expert partner in this area.

We perform all work related to excavation support structures and soil and water retention. We deliver turnkey construction pits together with our partners ready for the installation of structure floors and buildings. 

We can already advice customers during the design phase of buildings about the underground construction and all facets of the excavation, water control and underwater concrete. Engineering, earthworks, diving, installing sheet piling, foundation laying and casting floors are then in the hands of one party. This will not only save on costs, it will also make planning and quality better. 

Every construction pit is unique and requires its "own" approach. We analyse, specify, advice and offer alternatives. The company develops its own methods and technical solutions. Efficiency and reliability form the important pillars. Our innovations give us a head start with regard to the implementation when compared to other, less specialised construction companies.


BNSG operates in the area of excavations for tunnels, construction pits, basements, car parks, archive rooms, traffic management, coastal and shore works, recreational and environmental lakes and expansion plans. We have ample experience in earthworks of a high degree of difficulty, for example, at the edge of land and water, in peat areas and in other soil types with a low load-bearing capacity. We achieve efficiency advantages and cost savings by using suitable logistics and a sound work sequence. 

Coastal and shore works 

From way back, we have earned our spurs as true Dutch people in ensuring that land - that is mainly under sea level - can be lived on and to keeping it that way. Our efforts focus on protecting coasts, shores and underwater beds against deposits and erosion. BNSG also operates in the world of coastal and shore protection. After all, our expertise lies mainly in the field of dealing with land in relation to water.

Environmental technology

BNSG has built up a high level of expertise in the environmental technical sector because of its many years of experience with a team of experts. This ensures that we can already offer you an integral, cost-efficient solution at a very early development stage that fits in perfectly with your specific environmental technical problem: from research and advice to coordination, implementation and aftercare. We will not deliver standard products but always offer tailor-made solutions that fit in with your specific environmental issue.