Ballast Nedam Foundations

Fundamental solutions

Operating in the strongly specialist foundation area requires sound knowledge and broad experience. The goal and nature of the foundations, the physical condition of the soil and the situation at the construction site can be different to such an extent that the same foundation method cannot be used everywhere. The power of Ballast Nedam Foundations (BNF) does not lie in this specialist knowledge and experience alone, but also in being able to offer an integral approach from the design phase up to and including the aftercare.


BNF specialises in the design and construction of all types of pile foundations. We have used regular technologies such as combination and sheet piling consisting of piles with a weight greater than 25 tons and a length of 30-50 metres, tubular piles with a diameter of 4 metres, vibro (combination) piles and soil displacement screw piles in many projects. Special driving-in technologies such as horizontal driving-in and installing MV piles are a part of our package.

Working areas

Foundations are becoming more and more complex. This is when BNF's specialism is seriously challenged. We are experts in the area of regular foundations such as installing concrete piles, piling systems, vibro piles and sheet piling. BNF is also strong in foundation activities on or around water such as the realisation of quay walls, special combination walls and jetty bollards and single-point mooring systems. Our knowledge and experience always assures a controlled and successful integral approach in combination with our sister companies.


New techniques and technologies, special machines and innovated processes outline the impulse to innovate of BNF. Horizontallly driving in structures under roads, railway sections and dyke constructions. MV piles, shoring using combination walls under water, cofferdams from a traverse and vibration-free and noise low piling system are exponents of the dynamic and innovative power of BNF.