Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Ballast Nedam Marine and Civil attaches great importance to taking its responsibility for the impact its activities have on the built environment and on society as a whole.

According to Ballast Nedam, Corporate Social Responsibility is about creating value for society and on society recognising that.
Furthermore, given the current economic situation globally, CSR is an important driver for cost savings.

We need good, sound and suitable equipment to carry out our activities.

Ballast Nedam Marine & Civil has this equipment. Since most fuel used in our equipment is diesel, and unfortunately, the earth's oil resources are limited, it is a sensible thing for BNM&C to pay attention to its fuel consumption and the associated costs.
If BNM&C carries out an activity that, for example, involves a lot of soil transport movements using lorries, energy consumption will increase proportionally.
Applying pressure pipelines to transport the soil will save energy (in the form of a considerable reduction of our diesel consumption), so if this option is possible it will be used.
As an organisation, we always try to come to the most sustainable and economic determination of what working method to apply and what equipment to use.

In order to find out what our diesel consumption is, we will have to measure this.

And it does not stop there. The consumption is reported, monitored, and analysed and conclusions are then drawn. Next, we devise and implement measures to make even more economic use of the energy sources at our projects.
Our technical coordinators can read out the diesel consumption on site and draw users’ attention to their diesel consumption. Where possible, and in mutual consultation of course, this will cause the consumption to decrease.

An additional example is, and continues to be, that lower diesel consumption is guaranteed to result in lower costs and lower CO2 emissions.

You can find environmenal and sustainability statements as well as “tips & tricks” to decrease your energy consumption below.

Corporate Social Responsibility brings jobs and savings:
Work Awarely – Work Sustainably!