About us

Ballast Nedam Marine & Civil is the number one specialist for complex construction pits and hydraulic engineering works.
BNM&C has the following business units:

  • BN Foundation Technology;
  • BN Special Earthworks;
  • Van Leeuwen Anchoring & Foundations;

We supply knowledge and skills for the following sub-areas:

  • Dry and wet excavation;
  • Combi-walls and sheet piling;
  • Sludge treatment;
  • Underwater concrete;
  • Anchoring and foundations.

Contemporary urban and industrial developments call for smart and inventive total solutions. With our strong portfolio of successfully completed projects, we play a leading role in the building and construction market. Being part of Ballast Nedam, we can offer all clients a complete package from design to aftercare, with sustainability and cost efficiency as an important basis. We are a valued partner, renowned for our reliability, inventiveness and solution focus, both in our home market and internationally. We initiate and support new developments and concepts and thus occupy a leading position in our market segment.